• Award Winning

    These multi-award winning courses are a great way for you to achieve your goals, whether you want to unwind and relax with some art for yourself or you want a real education for your child.

  • 1 month FREE

    Take advantage of the 1 month free trial. If you like it then subscribe and if not then no problem!

  • Take time for you

    Subscribing to the adult course will give you the perfect reason to have 'you' time. You don't even need much time! Grab a cuppa and settle in with your beautiful art materials.

  • Kid and Homeschool Friendly

    Kids (5 years +) courses are packed full of learning objectives for a great art education including art history stories as well as drawing and painting techniques taught with a step by step guide.

  • Discounts for Kids + Adults

    If you're a family looking to have more art in your lives then I have you covered! Save money whilst keeping the family engaged and creative.

  • Real Learning

    Each course delivers real art techniques in a calm and achievable way so that you are guaranteed to succeed!


  • Can I try it first?

    Yes! Click the subscribe button and create an account. You'll automatically be given a free trial for a month. I really hope you enjoy what I offer, but if not then there's no commitment to continue.

  • What will I learn?

    I believe that the more a person tries different mediums and subjects the more experience and skill they will gain. That's why I cover everything from paints to pastels and from still life to landscapes. My aim is always to give you total confidence in yourself, to guide and support you in your own expression of creativity. Having fun with these courses is by far the best way to get the most out of them!

  • Who is it for?

    The kids courses are suitable for 5 years +. The way I teach a course means that I give more experienced kids a challenge and less experienced kids receive more guidance. The adult courses are for 18 years + and are challenging in an achievable way. The key is to have fun and relax with the course!

  • What's your teaching style?

    I have been teaching art since 2009 and in that time I have developed a unique teaching style. It involves a step by step guide explained in ways that will allow you to understand exactly what is happening and why. I believe the best way to access you inner artist is to have fun! I include lots of ways to have fun with these courses...often comparing painting to food and cooking 😃

  • How much does it cost?

    Just £13 a month for kids or adults courses. You can also take advantage of the family discount and receive both kids and adults for only £17 a month!

  • Can I skip lessons?

    You can skip, repeat and choose any lessons you want to complete. There's no specific order to the lessons in a course. So you have total flexibility!

  • Can I get feedback?

    I welcome you to use the 'discussion' function in each lesson. You can ask me questions, post me photos of work or even ask for feedback!